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We envision safer night drives

Driving at night becomes dangerous owing to insufficient lighting.  Many traffic accidents and fatalities occur at night because of inadequate lighting. 

Here are aspects that make the lack of night lightning on roadways a major issue.

Insufficient lighting at crosswalks and crossings — Drivers will have a more difficult time detecting pedestrians and bikes if crosswalks and junctions are not appropriately illuminated. Particularly perilous are the first few moments when a pedestrian or bicycle enters a crosswalk or situation, since they may be outside the area lighted by an oncoming vehicle’s headlights.

Researchers discovered that a lack of street lighting can have a significant impact on car accidents. According to a recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration assessment, sign or signal problems caused over 1,000 crashes countrywide in a single year. Another 1,000 accidents were caused by poor road design.

Pedestrians who come into contact with cars who are manoeuvring around a dark corner in a tight parking lot may be struck due to the driver’s poor vision. Poor lighting can also lead to car accidents if drivers are unable to notice nearby hazards at night. Parking Lot Accidents Caused by Poor Lighting

Property owners are responsible for dark or inadequate parking lot illumination. They must keep their property free of risks that could cause injury. Lighting is included. If the lighting is inadequate, a person may not notice changes in elevation and may stroll into danger. Stairways and other fall-prone places must be kept well-lit at all times.

We bring about change

This is exactly where KPRT LED Curbstones emerge and make a big difference with our government-sanctioned and patented product that outperforms the regular Cement Curbstone, KPRT LED Curbstone stands as the best road safety solution in India that is affordable, easy to install, tough, light weighted, various colour options, waterproof, and so on. These curbs are designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions, and the quality is certain to last even in the most extreme conditions. We pledge India to produce a product that will lead to a zero-accident India.

The LED Lights embedded in these LED Curbstones take the full guarantee to illuminate your highways, societies, walkways, and streets to assist you to prevent traffic accidents, but they also lighten up and beautify the roads at the same time.

Imagine an India where all roadways and pathways are vibrantly lit with LED Curbstones; imagine these LED Curbstones actually keeping you safe on the roads; with KPRT LED Curbstones, all of this becomes entirely feasible, contributing to a vision of India free of road accidents and Indian roadways that are appropriately lit, amplifying the elegance it has from the inside.

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