Is the Curbstone durable for all seasons?

Yes, our curbstones are successfully proven to be all seasons durable.

Where all can these curbstones be used?

There is not one particular application as the product. These award winning and patented curbstone products have already been used on roadsides, road dividers, parks, tunnels.

I understand the cusrbstone illuminates, but how does that help and what are the other features?

Our curbstones are not only durable but are safer than cement curbstones. These curbstones are not fatal and help immensely with road side accidents. Not to mention because of the illuminations, everyone can see the road more clearly making it safe to drive/ride easily during night times.

May I know the price for these Curbstones?

That calls for a serious discussion, please use the form below to fill in your details so we can reach out to you as soon as possible. Don’t want to wait, we’ve shared our direct number below as well, pick up the phone, give us a call.

Are you affiliated with the government?

We have completed a lot of projects in conjunction with the state government but we are an individual LLP organization

Have you got any rewards and recognition for this product?

Glad you asked! We have a dedicated page to showcase our patented product. Please follow the link here.

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KPRT Enterprises is a leading LED kerbstone or kurbstone Manufacturer in India. We are an ISO certified company with Patented product recognised by Government of India.

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