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Wake up, India! Let’s protect ourselves from fatal road accidents.

Let’s face it!

It’s disheartening to learn that India has around 450,000 accidents every year, with 150,000 deaths occurring. According to the research, India has the greatest number of road accident fatalities. Every hour, 53 road accidents occur in the country, with one death occurring every four minutes.” The terrible thing is that these are only the officially reported incidents, there are many more unaccounted for, indicating that the actual figure is far too high.

The awful part is that there aren’t enough road safety products and solutions accessible in India, and sufficient road safety precautions aren’t being implemented.

We are here to bring forth evolution.

This is where we saw the necessity for our Lifesaver patented product, LED Curbstone, to save lives. Cement curbstones are commonly used, although they are not as effective as LED curbstones in preventing road accidents. We’re tasked with creating a more egalitarian and long-term future free of road accidents, deaths, and injuries—an Accident-Free India.

Discover our product

Reimagining the way Road Safety and Beautification is delivered!

LED curbstones are constructed of industrial plastic and have LED lights built into them. These curbstones help to prevent accidents. They’re also solar-powered, so they don’t need to be charged or replaced once they’re up and running. In a nutshell, this unique invention is the most efficient and effective solution to avoid fatalities, and it is the first of its kind in India.

KPRT Enterprises is one of the nation’s main manufacturers of road safety products. Housing, industrial, commercial, IT, hospitality, and infrastructure are just a few of the industries we serve. We focus on road safety and beautification aspects, providing a complete array of long-lasting, high-performance solutions.

Here’s why KPRT LED curbstones are smarter and superior to traditional cement stones!

  • Life-saving 

KPRT LED Curbstones, unlike cement curbstones, are a revolutionary life-saving solution that protects thousands of lives each year and prevents countless more accidents.

    2) Environment friendly

In our materials management, we also address numerous environmental sustainability factors. Our products are completely recyclable and environmentally sustainable.

    3) Convenient

Our LED Curbstones are designed to be simple to carry, handle, install (4 different types of procedures), and maintain.

    4) Ensured high-quality

Our products are extremely resistant to harsh impacts and extreme weather conditions.

    5) Affordable

We provide efficient, long-lasting road safety solutions to meet the needs and budgets of our customers.

    6) Streetscaping and beautification

Our products contribute to the best-established engineering requirements for streetscape and beautification.

We contribute to a safer and more beautiful India.

KPRT LED Curbstone is not only a road safety product but it can also be used to embellish the road by adding the beauty of dazzling LED lights in a variety of colours. 

We are reaching new heights!

We dream of a safer and better future for India’s roads, and we can proudly state that we are achieving new milestones every day. We’ve received some extremely honourable certificates and acknowledgements from the Indian government, and we are so grateful that we were able to work with some prominent government institutions and were able to install our product for them.

Let’s unite to make a big difference!

Our skilled team of engineers understands and cares about the safety of your family on the road. Our product is extremely user-friendly, and we are always there to assist you with whatever you may want. Will you join us in making roadways safer for your families, friends, and loved ones, as well as everyone else you care about? Let’s get in action now!

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