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The unique Road Safety Solution is here

KRPT Enterprises, founded in 2017, is an India-based company dedicated to providing the public with a safe, congested-free, intelligent, and environmentally friendly mode of road safety solution. KRPT Enterprises focuses on providing a suite of solutions based on research and development, as well as superior customer service. Top-safe formulates an integrated solution proposal to customers in the fields of Traffic Safety, Intelligent Transportation System, Road Beautification, through continuous innovation centered on customer needs and the establishment of partnerships.

 KPRT Enterprises’ goal is to make a significant contribution to reducing traffic accidents, fatal accidents ,and energy consumption while also working to create the best social, economic, and environmental benefits.

LED Curbstones are the most environmentally friendly alternative to traditional concrete Curbstones. It is made of Engineering plastic with LED inside and was conceptualized, designed, and produced by team KPRT. It can run on both solar and electrical power.

 A NEW LIFE SAVING PRODUCT, The LED Curbstone products save thousands of lives each year and prevent countless more injuries, making KPRT’s most promising contribution to society and sustainability. The Head injury, which is one of the leading causes of death in car accidents, was specifically considered when designing the product.

KPRT Enterprises is one of the country’s largest manufacturers of road safety products. We work with a wide range of industries, including housing, industrial, commercial, information technology, hospitality, and infrastructure. We work on road safety and road beautification requirements, providing a full line of long-lasting, high-performance solutions for the applications listed below.


With our curated highway safety and beautification solutions, you can improve highway safety and beauty.


Tunnels increase the risk of collision, so KPRT addresses road tunnel safety concerns.

 FOOTPATHS Our pedestrian road safety products and street furniture contribute to making pathways safer and more convenient.


 The LED Curbstone is intended to beautify garden areas by replacing the Cement Curbstone.


Airports can benefit from medium-intensity road beautification products.


We create road safety products to make housing colonies and townships more secure, efficient, and environmentally friendly.


LED Kerbstone/Curbstone are the most recent and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional concrete curbs for the industrial sector.


With our long-lasting Road Dividers or Barriers, you can reduce the risk of future road hazards such as accidents.


One of KPRT Enterprises’ ambitious projects is the landscaping and beautification of government buildings.


KPRT contributes to the beautification and visual enhancement of roads and footpaths adjacent to 

Games/Sports venues.


KPRT promotes historic preservation by assisting with roadside restoration, beautification, and the establishment of safety zones.


By actively beautifying and maintaining the roads and gardens, KPRT contributes to the aesthetics of hotels and resorts.

Products that make driving safer and more enjoyable.

 KPRT is dedicated to societal development and environmental protection.

We promote a healthy and pleasing environment by using products and equipment that have the least negative impact on human health and the environment.


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