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Safety on the road and LED curbstones go hand in hand

Travelling completes a man, writing refines him, and reading makes him perfect. One’s life becomes significantly more joyful and colourful when one travels. You can discover new locations, people, cultures, and foods via traveling because you can only truly understand what it is to be a human when you cross boundaries.

One of the most popular modes of transportation is the road. In any region of the world, roads are always the sites with the highest activity. Road traffic and air pollution are two inevitabilities of today due to the constant rise in the number of private automobiles and the average middle-class family’s ownership of at least one car and two motorcycles in India.

Our reliance on transportation has grown unavoidable 

We need transportation everywhere, going to work, the grocery store, the supermarket, the hospital, and other places. It has undoubtedly cut down on travel time, but it has also led to more accidents. Around the world, 2.5 million people suffer minor and severe injuries from vehicle accidents each year, killing over 1.2 million people. According to estimates, India accounts for about 80,000 road accident fatalities annually or 13% of all global fatalities.

The only method to decrease the number of fatalities on the road is to adhere to the laws and regulations. For the benefit of the greater good of all people, it is vital to encourage safe behaviours and raise awareness about road safety.

Our goal is to advance Road Safety!

We recognized the need for our Lifesaver patented product, LED Curbstone, to save lives at this point. LED curbstones are more effective at preventing traffic accidents.. We are tasked with building an accident-free India, a more equitable and long-term future devoid of traffic fatalities and injuries.

More about our product

rethinking the delivery of road safety and beautification!

Industrial plastic is used to make LED curbstones, which have LED lights integrated into them. These curbstones aid in accident avoidance. Additionally, they are solar-powered, so once they are operating, they don’t require charging or replacement. In a nutshell, this innovative creation—the first of its type in India—is the most efficient and effective way to prevent fatalities.

One of the main producers of products for road safety in the country is KPRT Enterprises. We cater to a variety of industries, including infrastructure, IT, hotel, housing, industrial, and commercial. We provide a full range of durable, high-performance products with a focus on road safety and aesthetics.

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