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KPRT Connects you to the best in road safety & beautification

The roadway system is one of the most popular ways of transportation. Roads are always the busiest places on the planet, no matter where you are. Road traffic and air pollution are two inevitable features of modern life, owing to the continual increase in the number of private automobiles and the fact that the average middle-class household in India has at least one car and two motorcycles.

We can no longer avoid taking public transportation.

KPRT Enterprises is a significant producer of road safety products in the country. We offer a comprehensive line of long-lasting, high-performance goods emphasising road safety and appearance.

This is where LED Curbstones come into play

KPRT Enterprises, a 2017 organization established in India, is dedicated to providing the general people with a safe, intelligent and environmentally friendly form of the road safety solution. We are an ISO-recognized company with a patented product that has been approved by the Government of India.

One of the biggest producers of products for road safety in the nation is KPRT Enterprises. We work with a wide range of industries, including housing, industrial, commercial, information technology, hospitality, and infrastructure. We work on road safety and road beautification requirements, providing a broad array of long-lasting, high-performance solutions for the purposes listed below.

 LED Curbstones are made of engineering plastic and have built-in LED lights. These digital curbstones not only reduce mishaps but also help to decorate and beautify side walkways and road pathways. Furthermore, they are powered by solar energy and do not require charging or replacement once installed. As a result, this first-in-India patented invention is the most efficient and effective method of accident prevention.

When it comes to these digital curbstones, were created with the goal of making roadways safer for travellers. These Curbstones are manufactured in such a way that they are light in weight and environmentally friendly, allowing them to be simply installed on any surface without interfering with daily life. These products are manufactured in a very efficient manner, making them easily accessible.

Here’s why LED Curbs are unique

LED curbstones are well-known for their sturdiness, damage resistance, ease of installation, and high durability.

The LED Curbstones are KPRT’s most promising contribution to society and sustainability because they prevent thousands of deaths and injuries each year.

Head injury, one of the primary causes of mortality in car accidents, was especially considered when creating the product.

Our Goal

To manufacture high quality, low cost, simple­to­use goods incorporating cutting edge technology for road safety and beautification.

Our Idea

Creativity and innovation continue to fuel our belief that we can create game-changing systems and experiences that include cutting-edge solutions.

Our Passion

Products that improve and make road safety safer.

We aspire to create India a nation where roads are safe and brightly lit at all times, increasing the beauty of Indian roadways. Our goal will be realized when every road in India becomes KPRT LED Curbstone proof.

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