Utility & Applications

Our solutions connect you to the best in Road safety and beautification

KPRT Enterprises is one of the largest road safety product manufacturers in the country. We serve a wide variety of industries including Housing, Industrial, Commercial, IT, Hospitality, and Infrastructure. We work on road safety and road beautification requirements offering a full line of durable, high-performance solutions for the following types of applications.


Improve road safety on highways with our curated highway safety and beautification solutions.


We help make pathways safer and convenient with our pedestrian road safety products and street furniture.


Medium intensity road beautification products can be used to enhance the look of airports.


LED Kerbstone/Curbstone are the latest and the most sustainable alternative to traditional concrete curbs for the industrial segment.

Government organisation

The streetscaping and beautification of Government organisations is one of the ambitious projects of KPRT Enterprises.

Historical places

Encouraging historic preservation, KPRT helps with roadside restoration, beautification and safety zone creation.


Tunnels increase the risk of collision and hence KPRT addresses the specific safety concerns of road tunnels.


The LED Curbstone is designed to replace the Cement Curbstone to beautify garden spaces.


We design and develop road safety products to make housing colonies and townships more safer, efficient and eco-friendly.


Prevent subsequent risk of road hazards in the form of accidents with our durable Road Dividers or Barriers.

Sports Zone

KPRT helps with beautification and visual improvement in roads and footpaths alongside the Games/Sports venues.

Hotels and Resorts

KPRT helps in preserving the aesthetics of hotels and resorts by pro-actively beautifying and maintaining the roads and gardens.