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Applications of LED Curbstones or Kerbstones

LED Curbstones or Kerbstones are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re looking for something to light your driveway or a street, or you want to add some flare to your garden path, LED Curbstones or Kerbstones are the answer.

The product is made from a sturdy, weather-resistant material that is resistant to both rust and corrosion. It also stands up to harsh conditions such as extreme heat and cold, so you can use it in all seasons.

LED Curbstones or Kerbstones have been designed with a modern aesthetic that complements any landscape. The company offers a range of colors including white, red, green, blue, yellow and orange so you can choose something that best suits your tastes.

We are also providing a solution to the increasing pollution problem with our solar lighting products that can last longer than any other product available in the market today.

LED Curbstones or Kerbstones is the ideal solution for a wide range of applications including:-

Highways: Curbstones or Kerbstones are essential for the safety of drivers, but they can be expensive to install and maintain. LED kerbstones are a cost-effective alternative that can last longer, saving you money on maintenance costs.


Many footpaths are poorly lit, making them dangerous for pedestrians at night. LED kerbstones are designed to improve visibility and make walking safer, which means pedestrians will feel more confident in their environment.


Airports have limited space and need to maximize their space usage as much as possible. LED kerbstones can be installed close together while still being bright enough to meet safety requirements at night.


LED Curbstones or Kerbstones are also used in factories for their ability to be easily installed, which means that they can be put up quickly and efficiently with minimal effort. 

Government organizations

LED Curbstones or Kerbstones are one of the basic components of streetscaping and beautification. They are used to beautify the outer boundary walls or fences, which form an important part of Government organizations. LED Curbstones or Kerbstones give a new look to the streetscape, which adds to its beauty and elegance.

Historical places 

LED Curbstones or Kerbstones are a great way to beautify and restore historic places. KPRT is a company that helps with roadside restoration, beautification and safety zone creation. They do this by providing LED Curbstones or Kerbstones for historical places.


Road tunnels increase the risk of collision, which is why KPRT addresses the specific safety concerns of road tunnels. The KPRT Light Curbstone is made from a flexible, durable material that can withstand heavy vehicle traffic and extreme temperatures. It is easy to install and maintain, which makes it a cost-effective solution for road tunnels.


The LED Curbstone is designed to replace the Cement Curbstone to beautify garden spaces. The LED Curbstone is a garden ornament that can be used in any garden space. It comes in a variety of colors, including blue, green, white, orange, red and yellow. This product is perfect for anyone who wants to add some color and light into their garden space without having too much maintenance involved with it!


We design and develop road safety products to make housing colonies and townships more safer, efficient and eco-friendly. Our products provide an easy way to light up the streets with LED Curbstones or Kerbstones. LED Curbstones or Kerbstones are also an environmentally friendly product that last longer than traditional paint-on paint options.

Sports zones 

LED Curbstones or Kerbstones are the perfect addition to any Sports Zone or venue. The combination of light and Curbstones or Kerbstones can help beautify and improve the look of roads and footpaths. KPRT helps with this by installing LED Curbstones or Kerbstones alongside the Games/Sports venues so that they can be used as a visual enhancement during the games.

Road Dividers

LED Curbstones or Kerbstones are an excellent choice for road dividers and barriers. They are highly durable, and their low maintenance requirements make them ideal for use in areas that experience harsh weather conditions. Our LED curbs stones can be used to prevent subsequent risk of road hazards in the form of accidents with our durable Road Dividers or Barriers.

Hotels and Resorts

KPRT helps in preserving the aesthetics of hotels and resorts by pro-actively beautifying and maintaining the roads and gardens. We use LED Curbstones or Kerbstones to add a touch of class to the hotel’s pathways, which will make it more attractive to customers. This helps in building a positive brand perception, which is reflected on the revenues of the hotels and resorts.

If you have any questions about how to best use your LED Curbstone product, please contact us today!

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